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Infection Prevention Education for Licensed Independent Providers (LIP)
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Transporting Patients on Isolation
Exposure to Blood: What Healthcare Personnel Need to Know

Infection Prevention Office

Methodist Health Infection Prevention is responsible for surveillance of hospital acquired infections (HAI), while instituting prevention strategies, identifying risks for HAI, and investigation of and control of outbreaks of infection clusters among patients and health care personnel.

Infection Prevention also evaluates new and existing products, review personal protective equipment (PPE) and safe needle devices, and conduct special projects that include investigation, education and programs designed to prevent infections.

The Infection Preventionist calculates rates of hospital acquired infections, performs analysis of infection control data and provides comparisons to national benchmarks. Data is provided to various Methodist Health departments and committees.

Infection Prevention works closely with the Employee Health, Quality as well as local and state departments.

Infection Preventionist(s) for Methodist Health :

Mindy Hinton, RN
ext: 7435