Welcome to the Methodist Hospital Pharmacy Intranet Site

The staff in the Methodist Hospital Pharmacy is ready to serve you and your patients. Please call us with any questions, needs, and clarifications you may need regarding your patients' pharmacy orders.

Contact information for the Pharmacy is as follows:

               Pharmacy Main Number: 827-7164
               Pharmacy Fax Number: 830-4711

Brent Bridges, Director of Pharmacy: 827-7168

Lindsey Slusher, Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator, 7421

For your convenience, please find below the current Formulary Documents.

Formulary Medication Request Form

Sound Alike/Look Alike & High Alert Medication Lists

Sound Alike/Look Alike & High Alert Medication Lists

Requisition Form
MH Pharmacy Requisition Form

Therapeutic Interchange
Therapeutic Interchange Dosing Guide

Adult IV Administration of Drugs Reference Guide
Adult IV Administration of Drugs Reference Guide

Reference Charts

IV Opioid Equivalency Chart

CYP450 Substrate, Inhibitor, Inducer Chart

Do Not Crush Medications

Medications With or Without Food List

Hyponatremia Treatment Algorithm

Pharmacy Standards

NICU Standard IV Medication Concentrations

Ampicillin Standard Dilutions

Pharmacy Dosing Policy and Procedure

Home Medication Standard Work

Single Dose/Single-use Vial Position

Anticoagulation Safety

Anticoagulation Therapy Policies&Procedures

Helpful Information

How To Dispose Of Unused Medication

Request for Alaris IV Drug Library Change

Alaris IV Pump Drug Library Change Request

Learning Resources

The Basics of Antimicrobial Resistance

Updates in Diabetes Treatment

Community Acquired Pneumonia