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If you need help or have questions please contact an Epic credentialed trainer, super-user, Methodist Health 's helpdesk, 7507 or Deaconess' helpdesk, 812-450-3742.

Coronavirus / COVID-19

Epic Coronavirus Alert 3-13-2020
(Effective 3-13-2020; 5pm CDT)

Clarification for the Epic Travel Screening Questions

Epic Coronavirus Alert
(Effective Immediately 3-12-2020)

2020 Monthly Epic Optimization Changes

March 2020 Changes
(Effective March 17, 2019)

February 2020 Changes
(effective February 18, 2019)

January 2020 Changes
(effective January 21, 2019)

2019 Monthly Epic Optimization Changes
December Changes
(effective December 17, 2019)
November Changes
(effective November 19)
October Changes
(effective October 15, 2019)
October Changes Pre-operative Checklist
(effective October 15, 2019)
September Changes
(Effective September 17, 2019)
August Changes
(Effective August 20, 2019)

2019 Epic Changes
Prisoner Encounters 9/17/2019
New Baby Wizard Service 9/3/2019