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2016-2017 Wellness Open Enrollment Phase 1 - August 8 - August 19

Methodist Hospital is committed to investing in the health of our employees. We encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices and offer 'Methodist on the Move' Wellness Program to assist you in managing your health. If you are not already engaged in our wellness program, now is the time to get geared up to participate for the 2017 Plan Year. Employees who are in a budgeted position of 20+ hours a week are eligible to earn UP TO $25 per a pay period off of your medical premiums if you are enrolled in our health insurance for the 2017 Plan Year.

Employees that are in a budgeted position of 30+ hours a week, who DECLINE our health insurance are eligible to earn up to $25 per a pay period towards other benefit elections. IF YOU DECLINE OUR HEALTH INSURANCE, IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE WELLNESS CREDIT, YOU MUST PARTICIPATE IN THE WELLNESS OPEN ENROLLMENT TO BE ELIGIBLE:

In order to make the Preventive Screening portion of our 'Wellness Open Enrollment' more convenient for our employees, we have a few reminders to make this a smooth process for everyone.

The Wellness Calendar for the 2016 benefit year runs from October 1, 2015 - September 30, 2016.

Preventive Screenings - Annual Wellness Exam, Mammogram, Pap Smear & Colonoscopy- UMR will process these claims at 100% as long as they are coded 'wellness' and each preventive screening will be covered 1 per a CALENDAR YEAR. You do not have to wait a year and a day from your last preventive screening.

a.) Mammography Department (Henderson) has set aside 2 days designated for employees to schedule their mammogram. YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT - please contact scheduling at 270-827-7356 or ext. 7356. As always, employees can schedule appointments outside of these 2 days.

b.) Mammography Department (Union County) please contact the Radiology Department 270-389-5180 to schedule an appointment.

c.) As a courtesy to our physician offices and departments that perform the preventive screenings, please do not wait until the last minute to schedule your screenings.

All age and gender appropriate screenings must be addressed by physician or physician representative. The only exception is if you had reported your Colonoscopy dates of service since 2013 Wellness Enrollment, we will have record of that.

Susan Hughes is NOW accepting COMPLETED 'Preventive Screening' forms.

a.) Forms MUST BE completed and turned in to Susan Hughes by September 30, 2016 NO EXCEPTIONS!


c.) Please be sure to keep a copy of your Preventive Screening Form for you records.

d.) Completed forms can be interoffice to Susan Hughes or placed in the brown box outside of Employee Health Services or in the basement by the service elevators.

For your convenience, I have attached the Preventive Wellness Screening Form.

As always, if you have questions regarding this email please contact Susan Hughes, shughes@methodisthospital.net/270-830-4794.

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